After a several year-long mudslinging campaign against Starfinder Society, the mercenary guild was forced to dissolve to protect their members. This created a vacuum in both local and interplanetary societies, which were quickly filled by corruption, organised crime, and more.

A few years later, when the troubles were at their peak, a group of 9 individuals took action. The claimed The Spire, Starfinder Society’s old headquarters, and made it their base from where they offered their many talents as mercenaries.

Albeit they sometimes accepted assignments that were against the law, they only did so if it was ultimately for the greater good and within the strict limits of the assignments. It didn’t take long before the rumours of an independent and just mercenery guild started spreading.

Merci-Ki11 becomes official

So as not to be pulled into what happened to Starfinder Society, the group chose to promptly rename their headquarters from The Spire to The MainFrame. Next came the decisions to name themselves Merci-Ki11, to indicate the guild’s services and morals:

  • Merc from Mercenaries – soldiers-for-hire, who can act as bodyguards, security personel, etc.;
  • Kill from Killers – hitmen, who can assassinate corrupt politicians, businessmen, etc.;
  • 1337speak (Kill >> Ki11) – hackers, who can sabotage systems or collect incriminating data or industrial secrets, etc.;
  • Merci-Ki11 from Mercy Killing – though the methods may seem questionable, they all serve to end the suffering of innocent people

3 years later

Merci-Ki11 has grown to about 100 members, referred to as Merci-Ki11ers, who work together in various teams. Some teams specialize within a specific field, e.g hacking or assassination, while others are specially chosen to handle certain long-term mercenary contracts.

To manage the different teams and their granted contracts, each team is assigned a handler. These handlers make up Merci-Ki11’s de facto “board of directors”, Azrael, who jointly accept and approve the contracts that come in.

Merci-Ki11 is finance through these mercenary contracts, that can come from both governments and companies, as well as individuals. Azrael will, however, only approve the contracts that follow Merci-Ki11’s guidelines, and decide whether to give the assignment to a specific team or put it up on Merci-Ki11’s contract terminals, making them free for all teams to accept.